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SS Premium Tint provides quality services in Greenville. Find out about our specialization and contact us if you have any questions or special wishes.

Glass Window
Office Building

Installation of mirror film

Top 10 the best films in the market

Mirror Window Film for Privacy
Mirrored films are applied to the exterior of houses so that people can’t look directly into a room. If you have a bedroom facing the street or a large living room window on the front side of your house, this can be a nice touch. Mirrored films still allow light in, but keep peering eyes out.

Residential and Commercial tinting of windows

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Residential and Commercial window tinting refers to any film applied directly to glass surfaces such as windows, skylights, and doors used primarily to block out harmful UV rays while allowing visible light into homes. It comes in many different types, including reflective films and dark-tinted films. The most common form of residential window tinting is called “reflective window tinting” because it reflects up to 99% of incoming solar radiation back outside again. This helps keep your house cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter months. However, there are some drawbacks associated with this kind of window tinting that you should be aware of before deciding whether or not to install it in your home. This article will explain in detail the residential window tinting pros and cons.


Anti-vandal Security Film

Always Ready

"DLS Window Tint" has earned a reputation as one of the most reliable in the industry. 


Holds shattered glass in place to prevent entry, injury or damage.

  • Use in stores, offices and homes.

  • Blocks 95 to 99% of UV rays.

Vehicle Window Tint

Carbon & Ceramic Window Tint Film

Carbon Window Tint Film
A carbon window tint is the next step up from a metalized window tint. Rather than metal, this type of film uses a carbon particle mixed in, so it does not harm any satellite communication. Carbon film offers all the same benefits of dyed and metalized film, but blocks a higher percentage of sun rays and does not fade as easily over time. 
Ceramic Window Films
Ceramic is the gold standard when it comes to window films. It is not dyed or made of metal like most other films are. Ceramic film works by using nanotechnology to combine many small particles to absorb light rays, preventing penetration and reducing glare. Ceramic window films are the most durable, having no fade over time. Many people love ceramic film because of its health benefits. The best ceramic films block out 99% of UV rays that can lead to wrinkling or skin cancer. It also performs the best at protecting furniture from fading. What isn’t there to love about ceramic window films?


Ceramic Coating

Keep your car looks like New

At Exotic Vehicle Wraps, another highly trusted product is Ceramic Pro Ceramic Pro is a nano-ceramic coating used for permanent paint protection and a variety of other benefits. Ceramic Pro is the world’s leader in nano-ceramic coating technology. The coating is made up of Silicon Dioxide and Titanium Dioxide. Silicon Dioxide can be most commonly sourced, in nature, from quartz and sand. Once exposed to open air, the Silicon Dioxide hardens and provides the glass-like texture and stability. Titanium Dioxide is used in a variety of home and industrial products, such as: sunscreen, paint, paper, plastics, and rubber.

Paint Protection Film (clear bra)

Protect your car from damage

  • A clear bra is a dedicated paint protection film that is applied to the front or whole car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. It is a scientifically advanced polyurethane material that sticks to the surface of metal, plastic, aluminum, Chrome, and even headlight covers.


Windshield Replace

Replace Broken Windshields

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